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Vasectomy-procedure to interrupt the vas deferens bilaterally to achieve permanent male sterility. Valparaiso Vasectomy Clinic ,a division of Pithadia Medical Professional[...]
Chronic joint pain, stiffness and depression
Chronic joint pain and stiffness. One of the conditions that is frequently overlooked and under treated is “Rheumatism”.It also goes[...]
Universal Healthcare
Universal Healthcare United States of America is the only major “Western ” country whose citizens do not enjoy Universal Healthcare.Majority[...]
Surgical clearance by Primarycare Doctors and the dangers
A Surgical clearance has been requested by a Surgeon who intends to operate on you. Historically, it has been the[...]
Fellow Citizens of Greater Valparaiso Welcome! I would like to introduce myself. I am a practicing physician in Valparaiso. I[...]