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Is it covered by my insurance?

After a consultation, we call and get an out of pocket cost. Most insurances do cover, but it can depend on the policy. We will call the insurance agency on your behalf to ensure everything goes smoothly

How long will I be off work?

Usually for a vasectomy, it's done on a Friday and you're back to work on Monday.

How soon can I have an appointment?

We can usually accommodate an appointment with as little as a one to two week wait.

How much does a vasectomy cost with cash/self pay?

$875 at two payments. $203 is due at the consultation and the remaining balance is due at the day of the procedure.

Do I have to come back for stitches to be taken out?

No, they dissolve on their own

Can I go swimming?

It is recommended to wait between 5 and 7 days to go swimming

How long is the consultation appointment, and what does it consist of?

It is a 15 minute apt. that goes over the procedure and takes a brief medical history

How long does the procedure take?

The procedure takes only 45 minutes to an hour

How soon can I shower?

You can shower the next day

How do I bring back a sample?

24 hours after collection, bring the sample to the front desk of our office or any Quest lab

When should I get results for a Sterility Test

Results are available within 1 week

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